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Community banks committed to supporting local businesses, charities and socially impactful solutions partner with us to make a difference.

Community Bank


Community banks are the foundation of the CDC Deposits Corp. network. Since 2003, CDC has securely managed large cash deposits on behalf of its customers across a network of hundreds of well-capitalized, FDIC-insured community banks. Our network manages the security and liquidity of large cash deposits while generating benefits for communities and causes.

The power of a simple cash deposit creates the basis for mutually-beneficial relationships between banks and their local nonprofits.  Deposits can act as a catalyst for community investment by banks, spurring new relationships and programs to help accelerate positive economic and social outcomes.

Bank + NonProfit


Hundreds of partnerships between banks and nonprofits have been built and strengthened through the CDC Deposits Corp. network. These connections encourage and support growth in their local areas and deliver tangible and ongoing community benefits.

Receive Cash Deposits

If you are a bank looking for a simple and effective solution to maintain your preferred deposit levels, please click here to learn more or contact us directly to discuss.

Become a Reseller

If you are a bank interested in reselling the CDC Deposits Corp. service to other financial institutions to generate income and increase impact, please click here to learn more or contact us directly to discuss.

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