In the summer of 2018, a group of kids put on a pair of sneakers, set up goal nets, and learned how to play soccer. For some, this was their first time feeling what it was like to play on a team.  Although you may not have kicked a ball yourselves,  Charity Services Centers, P.A. was a key player on that team.

With the support of Charity Services Centers, P.A., the children we serve at Better Tomorrows got their chance to participate in Soccer for Success through Better Tomorrows and the U.S. Soccer Foundation.

Better Tomorrows’ Social Services Coordinators coach and mentor the kids participating in Soccer for Success. Each year, they share countless stories of kids gaining confidence in themselves, becoming more physically active, and learning to play on a team:

“At first, some of the kids had trouble running or playing for long stretches of time. As the weeks went by, I saw some of them learn the game, have fun, and have more energy.  In the fall, one of the kids in the program came to my office really excited. He had his first week back to school and was trying out for football. He told me that he was running circles around the other kids. He was so proud of himself that day and keeps asking when we can start soccer again this year.”

Charity Services Centers, P.A. made this moment possible with your continuing support for our Soccer for Success program.

We can’t thank you enough.

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