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According to a survey conducted for Capgemini and RBC Wealth Management, a full 92% of high net worth individuals (HNWI) think driving social impact is important.

Furthermore, 75% of HNWIs 40 and under believe it to be “very” or “extremely” important, including those in emerging markets. 


seek to make a social impact

The simple decision to partner with CDC Deposits for large cash on deposits management and security will also support 4 of these Top 5 ways to make a social impact.

Now that is a creative, and smart, way to make a difference!

the Family Office

According to the UBS/Camden Wealth Global Family Report 2017, social impact investment strategies operate across a wide range of asset classes with direct private investment (62.5%), private equity (56.3%) and venture capital (37.5%) being the most popular.

This same report inquired as to the key sectors that Family Offices directed their impact investments.  Education (54.3%), environmental and resource efficiency (50%), environmental conservation (45.7%), agriculture and food (43.5%) and healthcare/wellness (43.5%), top the board.


% of Family Offices

  • Direct Private Investments 62.5%
  • Private Equity (Funds) 56.3%
  • Venture Capital 37.4%
  • Public Equity (Funds) 14.6%
  • Real Estate 12.5%
  • Other (Cash Equivalents) 2.1%


% of Family Offices

  • Education 54.3%
  • Energy & Resource Efficiency 50.0%
  • Environmental Conservation 45.7%
  • Agriculture & Food 43.5%
  • Sustainable Infrastructure 34.8%
  • Women’s Empowerment 28.3%
  • General Sustainability 26.1%
  • Housing & Community Development 26.1%
  • Sustainable Consumer Products 23.9%
  • Infrastructure 21.7%
  • Job Creation 19.6%
  • Employment & Empowerment 19.6%
  • Access to Finance 13.0%
  • Safety & Security 10.9%
  • Base of Pyramid Services 10.9%
  • Sustainable Banking 10.9%

CDC Impact Deposits

Can Drive All Sectors

We partner with leading family offices committed to leveraging cash to drive social good. Cash on deposit is now as powerful a part of the social impact portfolio as it is secure!

the Foundation

Of the more than 80,000 registered foundations in the United States, according to the I.R.S, two-thirds have endowments less than $1 million dollars (the median is $500,000).

According to Foundations Source, private foundations with endowments less than $50 million make up 98% of these 80,000 private US foundations.

Equally impactful, and even more impressively, a survey of 732 of these foundations indicated they gave well in excess of the federally mandated 5 percent payout requirements, averaging a staggering 11.6%.

CDC Deposits is a trusted and secure resource for foundations, charities and endowments to utilize in both the management, security and liquidity of funds to be distributed, but also in the support of causes throughout the year that are aligned with the mission of these philanthropic organizations.

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