A thank you note to Center for Social Change…

Hi, my name is Colleen Adams, and I am the Founder/Executive Director of the Empowered Youth Program.  Empowered Youth is an intervention/diversion program for inner-city, at-risk young men in Miami FL.

I founded the Empowered Youth Program 12 years ago, initially with just one program phase, Character Development & Life Skills.  It did not take me long to understand that without a way to earn money legally, my students—regardless of their honest intentions—would drift back to old behaviors out of desperation.  We ALL need money to survive.

I realized that I was not doing enough to address their core need, and launched Phase 2 of my program, Empowered Youth Entrepreneurs.  Today we have the only nonprofit food truck in Miami as part of our Job Development Program, and we were able to offer our students that life-saving option because the Center for Social Change helped us to purchase our food truck!

Many young lives have been saved and changed because of their investment in our youth and in our community, so THANK YOU CENTER FOR SOCIAL CHANGE!

Colleen Adams, Founder/Executive Director, Empowered Youth

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