Our Mission

Hundreds of local charities, nonprofits, and local businesses have been the recipient of the generosity of CDC Deposits Corp. and their client depositors.

$1.2 Billion

In funds managed, distributed, and protected

Community businesses and nonprofits supported

$8.7 Million

In fees shared to our network of partners and clients

CDC is recognized as the first company to provide a socially responsible investment vehicle in cash deposit accounts with full FDIC insurance. The CDC Impact Deposit Program is a cash product that helps depositors support local nonprofits as opposed to their money remaining dormant in savings accounts or traditional money market accounts. While the CDC Impact Deposit Program is frequently evaluated as a social impact investment, no “investment” is being made in CDC but rather funds are deposited, generate interest, and are fully retained by depositors.

CDC takes the sustainability profile of its banking partners very seriously and strives to have inclusion in the CDC Community Bank Network serve as a signal to the market that a bank is actively pursuing a socially responsible agenda. CDC recognizes that the potential impact of its banking network exceeds the impact it is able to deliver on its own and actively encourages banks within its network to be more socially-minded by driving donations to nonprofits on behalf of the bank (through the Impact Deposit Program) and with specific initiatives that are intended to engage banks with nonprofits in their community.

2018 Social Impact Report


in action

The power of a funding source to bring together community financial institutions with organizations for change.

SOME OF THE Organizations

we work with


A law firm that is committed to solving community social challenges by bringing banks and nonprofits together, CSC is CDC’s direct financial conduit to hundreds of nonprofits and charitable causes across the U.S.
A co-working environment and national hands-on support for mission-driven leaders and organizations, C4SC is CDC’s arm for providing nonprofits and social entrepreneurs a community in which to work, connect, innovate, and learn.
Offering a service that makes it easier for banks to identify and qualify nonprofits that meet banks’ specific Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) and impact criteria, findCRA is supported by CDC to foster the connection between banks and the impactful organizations in the communities they serve.